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About OneHotel Co., Ltd.

We serve more than 500 independent / local chain hotels and rental accommodations in Thailand and ASEAN. Our aims are to provide solutions that can help our hotels lower their running costs, optimize efficiency, increase revenue and improve guest’s satisfaction.

OneHotel Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Co., Ltd., which is a privately registered company under the law of Thailand and have been in business since 2005. Head office in Bangkok, Thailand, rebranded now as, we now offer a completely new range of products (All-in-One Hospitality Management Suite), which include Property Management System (Hotel PMS), Channel Manager (CM), Hotel Booking Engine (IBE) and Hotel Revenue Management Service.

About OneHotel Co., Ltd.

We are or formerly known as was established since 2005. Our core businesses include hospitality management software suite and hotel revenue management service. Our service operation is based from both Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, ensuring that our 500+ properties are well looked after. OneHotel's hospitality suite includes an intuitive PMS with guest's loyalty programme, a cost-friendly Channel Manager and a powerful Hotel Booking Engine that convert more direct bookings. We focus on helping our properties to operate efficiently, reducing their operation costs and growing more direct hotel revenues. Our Hotel Revenue Management Service is operated as a hotel's outsource. We help manage your hotel's e-commerce and online strategies that not only improve your hotel occupancy but also your bottom-lines. Subject to hotel's requirements, we are able to provide a service with minimum monthly hotel revenues and an agreed incentive programme.

Our Company’s Overall Timeline

Our key developments and achievements

In the early days, our solutions included GDS connectivity (Global Distribution System), Hotel Booking Engine and Website Development Service for hotels. We were founded on the idea that there is a need of quality service for hotel operators that can bring them more online revenue and production, becoming their key business partner in making their business a success.

In 2008 is the big step forward for us as we have launched our own product, 1HotelREZ – our Hotel Booking Engine – which was developed in house. Since then, 1HotelREZ is our key product and continue to play an important part in helping more than 500 hotel & accommodation owners securing more direct online revenue. On the same year, we were appointed to assist the prestigious Imperial Hotel Group (Thailand’s largest local hotel chain) to form its E-commerce unit and providing consultancy and online marketing strategies. Our work saw the group’s online revenue boasting for more than 300%.

In 2009, we continued to provide consultancy work and online marketing strategies to a leading 5-star hotel chain in Thailand – Chatrium Hotel Group. Despite Thailand’s political and economic downturn, over the 3 years of our service, the group had expanded by adding more new properties to the group. Today, its e-commerce unit plays a vital role in becoming one of the group’s major business sources of revenue.

ASEAN is a promising region that continues to develop high positive growth over the past decades. Hotel industry is booming and see new hotel openings year on year. We see a great opportunity in this region to expand and introduce our services to the region. Our branch office was opened in 2011 – based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, serving more than 200 properties in Vietnam and Indochina region.

2019 was our special highlight because we had successfully rolled out new products, including Channel Manager, Invoice & Online Payment Collection system and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Tour Operators / Travel Agents that help increase productivity and handles all business needs efficiently.

Year 2020 and beyond, we are all in the COVID-19 and this has an adverse effect on all tourism related businesses. But we are still thriving to achieve our goals and will not stop to develop new software and upgrades to our existing solutions. By year end 2020, we plan to roll out our own Property Management System – PMS, and an e-Concierge platform that will not only improve guest’s communications, but also enabling the hotels to boost revenues from guest consumptions during their stay.

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