Fully Automated Payment Processing

Processing for both Virtual Credit

Cards & Payment Links

With direct connectivity
to acquiring bank

Ensure fast, secure and
automatic processing of all

Introducing our
revolutionary Virtual
Payment Offline

A powerful remedy to combat revenue losses stemming from the challenges of charging guest's credit cards. In today's competitive landscape, it's crucial to streamline payment processes.

VCC Charges
Automate the manual work of typing in VCC data on a terminal
Payment Page
Pay with any payment method of your choice.
Payment Links
Automated prepayments and many other charges via email based on your payment policy.
Smartphone Interface

- Automate charging OTA settlements with virtual credit cards

- Automate sending emails with payment links for prepayment

- Ensure fast, secure and automatic processing of all payments

- Avoid hours of manual work

- Fully PCI compliant

- Guests can pay with their payment method of choice

- Improve your cash flow as you receive payment from OTAs as soon as the booking is confirmed

- No charge back

- Direct connection to acquiring bank, which allows fast settlement cycle such as T+1

- Prevent revenue leakage due to hotel staff forgot to charge

- This service includes Channel Manager that allows you to manage all your online bookings, rates, and inventories


Our Solution

What sets us apart is our comprehensive Channel Manager, intricately integrated with our Virtual Payment Service. This dynamic duo offers direct connectivity to the bank, ensuring that your transactions are not only speedy (T+1) but also securely executed. Bid farewell to the headaches associated with delayed or problematic payments.

Feature 1: Automatic VCC charges

Guest made booking on online travel agencies

OTAs confirm booking and generate Virtual credit card

Collect VCC and auto charge if guest check - in or depend on policy

Bank (payment gateway) Successful transaction/ fund will go to hotel's bank account

The hotel will receive the money within 24 hours after the charge.

Whenever a guest books and pays through an OTA such as booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, Hotelbeds, etc., your hotel can get paid through virtual credit card (VCC) on the day the guests arrive (or sooner * subject to policy). This service enables you to process VCC payment without any manual key-in.

Why should you use this service even though

your hotel can still charge VCC manually?

Each VCC has a unique card number, expiration date and CVC, which you have to manually type into your POS terminal. This is a time-consuming process prone to error. And did you know that manual processing and storing credit card information is punishable according to the law?

All VCCs have an expiration date and must be charged within a certain amount of time (e.g. 4 weeks to 12 months) from the check-out date. If you miss this deadline for some reasons, you lose access to the money.

OneHotel’s Virtual Payment Service can

Automate the manual work of typing in VCC data on a terminal by sending through the VCC to process payment via our Channel Manager that connects seamlessly with Bank’s payment gateway.

Channel Manager has an online payment report that you can see payment confirmation immediately or recheck all historical records In summary: the service enables you to process VCC payment through direct bank’s payment gateway, eliminating problems of unable to use key-in function on your credit card machine. You can win back hours that you can now be spent on other things. You are also fully compliant with GDPR and credit card security standards (PCI-DSS). You don’t want to get fined for a data security breach!

Feature 2: Payment page attached to the booking engine – for your direct bookings on your hotel website or social media platforms


In these modern times, why would you let a guest look at your availability without being able to book? Or unable to pay securely online? There is a high chance that the guest won’t contact you or may as well go and book your hotel with OTAs, which you end up paying high commission.

OneHotel offers a seamless integration of Bank’s payment gateway to our Booking Engine.Your hotel has full control on the booking and can compete at the same level as other OTAs.

Feature 3:payment links via email

Our payment link solution is suitable not only for bookings with “pay at hotel” option with booking.com, but also for a prospective guest or offline and agents, who has made a reservation via calls or emails.

Payment link diagram flow with booking.com


Payment link via Invoice system


Key benefits of using our fully automated
Virtual Offline Payment Service

Reduce labour costs & protect revenue leakage :
Payments are automatically charged so manual processing is no longer needed.

Process VCCs from OTAs :
Receive your booking fund immediately with direct transfer to your bank account.

Successful Payments & Reports :
Payment status both failed and successful are updated on our report.

PCI-DSS- compliant :
By using our solution, your hotel becomes PCI compliant

Positive Guest Experience :
Payment is almost always made in advance before arrival, eliminating issues for the guest at the counter or no show or late cancellations.

Bundle Package – Save costs :
Our solution bundles together between Channel Manager and Virtual Payment. We have different options for this service to suit your budgets and requirements.


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